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Hello there, I’m Gembira! How have you been lately?

Hey, have you heard about this one food? The name is Rendang, and many articles list it as one of the best foods in the world. Many recognize it as a delicate dish with extensive culture behind it!

Speaking of culture, do you know why Rendang is deeply rooted in both Indonesian and Malaysian culture? First of all, it’s because long ago, there was no Indonesia or Malaysia, so some Minangkabau people used to migrate from one place to another, bringing their culture with them and sharing it with other communities that they met.

Minangkabau is a part of Indonesia and is located in West Sumatra. But with the reasons above, do you think Malaysia has a valid reason for saying Rendang is theirs? I do think so!

It’s not uncommon for Indonesians and Malaysians to bicker with one another because of their shared culture, but sometimes, the culture that makes them fight each other can also be the one thing that makes them unite. After all, having a common or similar culture can bring people together, even from different countries.

Oh, you don’t always have to use beef for Rendang; you can use chicken meat, too! Although there might be people who will say that if it’s not beef, then that’s not Rendang, there are many variants of Rendang both in Indonesia and Malaysia. For example, pork rendang is more popular in Bali because the Hindus majority doesn’t eat beef.

That means you can make one, too, using any kind of meat available! Sure, preparing the spices can be a bit of a hassle, but Rendang is so popular that there are ‘cheat’ ways to make it easier at home! All you need is the meat, an instant blend of rendang spices, and coconut milk. Just mix the spices with the coconut milk like one would make Rendang, and then enjoy!

The dish is so popular that even Indomie, a huge instant noodle brand from Indonesia, released a Rendang-flavored instant noodle. That’s to show how deeply rooted Rendang is in Indonesian and Malaysian culture, even though the national dish of both countries comes from one ethnic group.

So, hey, what are you waiting for? How about you try making one, share it with your family and friends, and then tell me about your experience!

Cheers, Gembira
Always make your soul happy!

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