Puto The Beloved Childhood Snack

Puto The Beloved Childhood Snack

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Hi hi, how are you? I hope to hear more about your weekly adventures.

We have been talking about heavy meals lately, haven’t we? Come, let me tell you about a yummy snack from the Philippines that can be either sweet or savory, it’s called as puto! It’s like cute little fluffy clouds adored by many Filipinos and a dear childhood snack for a lot of them!

Puto is a soft rice cake made from rice flour and coconut milk, but ingredients may differ in each household. It also has a hint of sweetness to it and that’s because of the coconut milk! Because its flavor is mainly plain, puto is very versatile and can be eaten as a sweet snack or with a savory dish!

You can eat it as a sweet snack that tastes like ube, pandan, or dip it in condensed milk. You can also eat it as a savory snack by adding a slice of cheese on top of it, using bacon in it, or sprinkle coconut flakes on top of it! Filipinos also eat it with dinuguan, which is a pork blood stew, or with pancit, a traditional noodle dish from the Philippines. 

It’s incredibly popular in Filipino culture that there’s also a yearly Puto Festival in the Philippines! That is enough to show how important puto is for them, even though it may look like just a simple tasty treat.

Because of its popularity, there are people who want to make it easy without the hassle of the traditional way, that is by fermenting rice in water overnight then grinding the rice. Thankfully now you can make puto easily by using a pre-mix puto! Especially when there are so many recipes to choose out there, let’s start slowly from this first.

Ah, now I’m craving for some of this fluffy snack. How about you make some puto then tell me about it, I want to try your version too! Until then, let’s find out what the world has to offer!

Best regards, Gembira

Here to make your soul happy!

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