Privacy Policy

For every site visit, transaction or agreement the below-mentioned privacy policy applies.

Goal: We shall preserve the use of confidentiality of sensitive information.

Toko Gembira and associated companies will process your personal details for (i) accepting orders, (ii) reversing over-indebtedness, (iii) excecuting the agreement with you, (iv) contact management and (v) management information, product- and service development and determining the (general) strategy.

Personal details can also be used for the tracking of (attempted) illegal and/or criminal behaviour directed against Toko Gembira and associated companies, its customers and employees, as well as for participation in warning systems that are used for the prevention of fraud and over crediting. Toko Gembira can hire group companies and collaborative partners to process the personal details. 

Your personal data may also be used for Toko Gembira and/or associate companies’ marketing purposes, statistical research and to coordinate our products and services better with your needs. Information can also be received by e-mail or text message if prior approval has been given. If you do not wish to receive commercial information (any more), or do not want you details to be used for marketing purposes, then this must be indicated to the company concerned. With regard to information obtained by Toko Gembira and associated companies you send an e-mail via our website to

By accepting the general terms and conditions set by Toko Gembira, you agree to the possibility that (i) Toko Gembira will (allow for) the use of your personal details for credit scoring and (ii) Toko Gembira and associated companies will provide the information on creditworthiness to the Office of Credit Registration (BKR).

Toko Gembira and associate companies will not use your personal details for the trade of addresses.

Privacy on internet and cookies
For each visit to our web site, your (temporary) IP address and, if possible, the original web site or e-mail are automatically identified. We solely use this information to analyze the navigation, visited pages and items ordered from our webshop. With this information we can inform you of our offers, or production information which might be of use for you, and to improve the awareness, functionality and content of our website and e-mails. For personalized offers Toko Gembira uses third-party services including search engines. You declare that the search data left behind at third parties who, Toko Gembira work together with, may be connected to you with information already known by Toko Gembira and for which offers and product information is personalized. To optimise our site and services and to ensure the information provided about offers and products is interesting for you, so-called cookies are placed on your computer by our web site. A cookie is a small text file that is saved on your computer when you visit the website. Cookies can thus ensure that, when visiting our site, you do not repeatedly receive or have to input the same information. The domain name of the site server, which sets the cookies, is Most browsers can be set to refuse cookies or to inform you when you receive a cookie. For most browsers you can find the instructions how to adjust the settings of your browser under the button "help" in the toolbar. However as a visitor of the site it is possible to deny the access of cookies, services or elements of the site, when visiting the site. However, switching off cookies will restrict your ability to make full use of the functionality and services available on our web site.

Change of address
Customers are obliged to inform Toko Gembira of all address changes. As long as Toko Gembira have not received a change of address, you shall be regarded as living at the last address known to Toko Gembira and you remain liable for the products which you ordered and which are delivered at the old address.

Secure server
We have implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal details from getting lost or from any form of unlawful processing.